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How are projects priced and how much will they cost?

There are generally one of two pricing categories that new construction and renovations fall into: a “fixed cost” or a “cost plus” approach. In fixed cost approach the construction cost is established up front and construction changes are added or subtracted from that cost. In cost plus the construction cost is still established up front, but all allowable expenses are reimbursed plus an additional payment for general overhead and requirements.  Both approaches have its positives and negatives but we will work with you to price the project you feel the most comfortable. Every project is different for a number of reasons such as the the complexity of design to the materials chosen all the way down to the fixtures and finishes selected. 

Typically we prefer to set a “price per square foot” range along with a “scope of work” prior to designing which provides the client a budget and framework of the project.


How long will it take?

Teamwork and communication is what makes for a successful project. As the Construction Manager it is the responsibility of Boudreaux & Company to coordinate the partners and keep the project moving forward. However, most projects will take less than 12 months from the time the foundation is laid.

What is the process?

Boudreaux & Company prefers to be engaged before the architecture of the project begins. This allows us the ability to provide constructive feedback from design to completion while managing the expectations of the client throughout the entire project.​